My Phonetic Life A to Z

Alpha – I actually don’t care if I’m an Alpha Male or not. (I care, I cry, and I regularly get things wrong – Am I an Alpha male?) Bravo – To all the Emergency Services and everyone serving. Bravo to all my former colleagues and all the doctors and nurses who patched us backContinue reading “My Phonetic Life A to Z”

Is there corruption in the Police?

The simple answer must be ‘Yes’; why else would Chief Constables run ‘Anti Corruption’ units. There has clearly been corruption with the police in the past because some serving and retired officers have been convicted of corruption offences.  When I talk about corruption I mean a police officer using their position as a police officerContinue reading “Is there corruption in the Police?”

Firearms, Cops and Squaddies

Like many serving or retired police officers I served in the Army for a number of years before joining the police and as such, I can speak from experience. The proposal that soldiers might need to be deployed at sensitive or potential terrorist target buildings because there are insufficient firearms trained officers needs to beContinue reading “Firearms, Cops and Squaddies”

Ten Years Difference in Policing

I retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2008 and its quite clear that there have been many significant changes since my departure, some good, some bad and some bloody unbelievable. The Good LGBT Officers no longer need to hide their sexuality. Ethnic Diversity within the police looks really healthy. Sexual Discrimination probably still exists inContinue reading “Ten Years Difference in Policing”

Should Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey Resign?

Instinctively I feel that Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey failed in his duty as a police officer and should resign, but does the evidence support my feelings. DAC Mackey seeks to defend his failure to take any action on his lack of equipment, and therein lies the reason he should resign. PC Keith Palmer did notContinue reading “Should Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey Resign?”

Imprisonment for Spitting

Spitting at a person is a disgusting act and potentially deadly.  A glob of stringy mucus hawked up from the back of the offender’s throat and directed at a person is a revolting assault and should be punished accordingly. Let’s not forget that there are many infectious diseases that can be passed on by bodilyContinue reading “Imprisonment for Spitting”

What should we do with paedophiles?

When I first heard the reports that Rolf Harris has been questioned by police over historical allegations of sexual offences I could hardly believe it. Rolf was one of my favourite entertainers and I had watched his various TV programs for years and laughed along with others at his “Jake the Peg” and other funnyContinue reading “What should we do with paedophiles?”

Police Officers Eating on the Hoof

I have been appalled to learn that many police canteen no longer exists and that officers are ‘eating on the hoof’.  I along with numerous others have seen officers popping into supermarkets, cafes and other places to obtain food and I mistakenly thought this was simply the officer’s choice. I am gobsmacked to learn thatContinue reading “Police Officers Eating on the Hoof”

Militarisation of the Police

Are the streets of England becoming as dangerous as various war zones around the world? The elite cadre of specialist firearms officers within the Metropolitan Police Force Firearms Unit (formerly SO19) in their black uniforms and the Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer (CTSFO) in their grey uniforms look so similar to their military equivalents as to beContinue reading “Militarisation of the Police”

Annual Appraisals and Welfare

During my police service I must have conducted several hundred plus annual appraisals and probable been appraised around 25 times myself. I actually completed 28 years service, but on a couple of occasions my appraisal simply wasn’t completed, which never bothered me in the slightest. I know that whenever an officer applies for a specialistContinue reading “Annual Appraisals and Welfare”