My Phonetic Life A to Z

Alpha – I actually don’t care if I’m an Alpha Male or not. (I care, I cry, and I regularly get things wrong – Am I an Alpha male?) Bravo – To all the Emergency Services and everyone serving. Bravo to all my former colleagues and all the doctors and nurses who patched us backContinue reading “My Phonetic Life A to Z”

Is there corruption in the Police?

The simple answer must be ‘Yes’; why else would Chief Constables run ‘Anti Corruption’ units. There has clearly been corruption with the police in the past because some serving and retired officers have been convicted of corruption offences.  When I talk about corruption I mean a police officer using their position as a police officerContinue reading “Is there corruption in the Police?”

Ten Years Difference in Policing

I retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2008 and its quite clear that there have been many significant changes since my departure, some good, some bad and some bloody unbelievable. The Good LGBT Officers no longer need to hide their sexuality. Ethnic Diversity within the police looks really healthy. Sexual Discrimination probably still exists inContinue reading “Ten Years Difference in Policing”

Discretion and setting targets

Every officer is taught the fundamentals of law in particular what constitutes a criminal offence and what authority under the law they have for investigating a criminal allegation and apprehending an offender. Officers performing specialist duties will have a greater knowledge of the law relating to their role i.e. traffic officers will know more aboutContinue reading “Discretion and setting targets”

Teresa May and Police Protection

Tragic events either side of the 2017 General election identified shortcomings in the number of police officers available to deal with the myriad of duties and responsibilities required of the police. The horrific events in Manchester saw the threat level rise from SEVERE which meant an attack was highly likely to CRITICAL which means anContinue reading “Teresa May and Police Protection”

Police Officers Eating on the Hoof

I have been appalled to learn that many police canteen no longer exists and that officers are ‘eating on the hoof’.  I along with numerous others have seen officers popping into supermarkets, cafes and other places to obtain food and I mistakenly thought this was simply the officer’s choice. I am gobsmacked to learn thatContinue reading “Police Officers Eating on the Hoof”