Brexit and Covid-19 (Possible Food Shortages)

Ask yourself one question, ‘If you knew that there was going to a second lockdown, and that there would be shortages of food, and other products what actions would you take today?’ I suspect that you would stock up with food, drink, toilet rolls and booze. But what about some books, board games or evenContinue reading “Brexit and Covid-19 (Possible Food Shortages)”

20,000 + Dead and still Following the Science

Every evening either the Prime Minister or one of his senior cabinet hold a press conference, with a senior scientists or Public Health England experts either side of them. Sir Patrick Vallance is the Government Chief Scientific Adviser is a regular attendee, as are Professor Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, Jennifer Margaret HarriesContinue reading “20,000 + Dead and still Following the Science”

Prime Minister Missed 5 Cobra Meetings

The absence of Boris Johnson from 5 Cobra Meetings in January and February 2020 was the subject of an in-depth report within the Sunday Times (Insight) on (19th April 2020) by Jonathan Calvert, George Arbuthnott and Jonathan Leake. Other Newspapers and Broadcasters have run the story and the Government took the usual steps of issuingContinue reading “Prime Minister Missed 5 Cobra Meetings”

Why I’m supporting Extinction Rebellion

Anybody caught up in the disruption caused by Extinction Rebellion may well feel aggrieved by the protestors, and I can understand their frustrations at being delayed or inconvenienced by the protesters. However, when we consider their motive – Saving the World, then a bit of disruption doesn’t seem that high a price to pay. MostContinue reading “Why I’m supporting Extinction Rebellion”


Following the death of Jimmy Saville evidence of his evil depravity started to leak out and the leak got bigger and bigger until such time that there was a flood of victims. How the hell did he get away with it for so many years and why didn’t any of the victims come forward? Well,Continue reading “PROSECUTING CELEBRITIES AND OTHER PAEDOPHILES”

My Phonetic Life A to Z

Alpha – I actually don’t care if I’m an Alpha Male or not. (I care, I cry, and I regularly get things wrong – Am I an Alpha male?) Bravo – To all the Emergency Services and everyone serving. Bravo to all my former colleagues and all the doctors and nurses who patched us backContinue reading “My Phonetic Life A to Z”

Extending the Law on Reasonable Force – Motorbike Offenders

The UK Law as it currently stands, “A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large. So, is it reasonable to use a Police car to stop an offender riding aContinue reading “Extending the Law on Reasonable Force – Motorbike Offenders”

Is there corruption in the Police?

The simple answer must be ‘Yes’; why else would Chief Constables run ‘Anti Corruption’ units. There has clearly been corruption with the police in the past because some serving and retired officers have been convicted of corruption offences.  When I talk about corruption I mean a police officer using their position as a police officerContinue reading “Is there corruption in the Police?”

Dealing with Knives

Steve White the head of the Police Federation recently went on record as stating that all front-line police officers should be offered tasers in response to the increased risk from terrorism and I’m assuming that he is talking in particular about the threat to attack and kill street coppers. The risk is real and IContinue reading “Dealing with Knives”

Firearms, Cops and Squaddies

Like many serving or retired police officers I served in the Army for a number of years before joining the police and as such, I can speak from experience. The proposal that soldiers might need to be deployed at sensitive or potential terrorist target buildings because there are insufficient firearms trained officers needs to beContinue reading “Firearms, Cops and Squaddies”