Why I’m supporting Extinction Rebellion

Anybody caught up in the disruption caused by Extinction Rebellion may well feel aggrieved by the protestors, and I can understand their frustrations at being delayed or inconvenienced by the protesters. However, when we consider their motive – Saving the World, then a bit of disruption doesn’t seem that high a price to pay.

Most of the protestors seem apologetic about disrupting people’s lives but caveat their apology with the explanation that the Government only pays attention to Protests if there is a serious Financial loss as a consequence. This argument seems to have some validity.

The Baltic Exchange bombing by the Provisional IRA on the 10 April 1992 resulted in a significant financial loss to the City of London, (Britain’s financial centre), and surely influenced the Government position in regard to negotiation with the IRA and the within two years we had the ‘Belfast Agreement – The Peace Process.

Climate change is very real and anybody who doesn’t appreciate the potential dangers really needs to do some research or watch a few documentaries by Sir David Attenborough. I know it real and yet like millions of others I have accepted that things are going to get worse, that there is little I can do to change this fact and that the Government won’t act until things are too late.

The Extinction Rebellion protesters should be praised for refusing to accept what many of us believe will be the eventuality of climate change and attempting to do something to prevent the consequences of our own actions and in many cases our failure to take preventative action.

I’m too old and have too many aches and pains to join the protesters and as a former Police Officer, I find myself in conflict about breaking the law whatever the motive. What I can do as can many others is an attempt to be more aware of ‘Green issues’, by which I mean ‘recycling’, avoiding single-use plastics and supporting ‘Green issues’ whenever possible.

I’m a long way off purchasing an ‘Electric car’ or going ‘Vegan’, but I drive less and eat less meat than I used to. My attitudes to ‘Green issues’ has changed a lot in recent years, in no small part thanks to people like Extinction Rebellion. Let’s hope that they can persuade the Government as to the necessity to take preventative action to safeguard the future for all of us.

I also firmly believe that if the Government of today fails to take preventative action then they should be held to account and prosecuted for (Misconduct in public office.)

Misconduct in public office is an offence in relation to those who act (or fail to act) in a way that constitutes a breach of the duties of that office.

Failing to act to prevent the dangers of Climate Change is surely a breach of their duties.


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