Following the death of Jimmy Saville evidence of his evil depravity started to leak out and the leak got bigger and bigger until such time that there was a flood of victims. How the hell did he get away with it for so many years and why didn’t any of the victims come forward? Well, the answer is fairly easy; every victim of his perversity had no way of knowing that they were one of many victims and as such, they felt isolated and very vulnerable. If they made allegations against a media star, who would believe them. Everybody loved Jimmy Saville, what a great guy, look at all the work he does for charity, Jimmy Saville a paedophile – Never.

But he was a prolific, abusive dangerous paedophile. Jimmy Saville had money and lots of important friends so who was going to believe some kid who said that Jimmy touched (abused) them.

Thankfully his death took a big chunk of fear away and those brave individuals who came forward to expose him and his wickedness shone a light for his other victims and perhaps, more importantly, victims of other Celebrities came forward to report historic crimes. Some allegations against some named Celebrities go back over 30 years and I have heard the argument as to whether criminal prosecution is realistic or relevant.

Let me try and put this into some context, there are many childhood events which I can remember with clarity and likewise some life-changing events which will never leave me. Over 25 years ago I had a horrible car accident and I can remember all the details very clearly, although I choose not to dwell on the event because to do so upsets me. I’m sure that many victims of sexual assaults remembers their assault with the same life-changing clarity and can give an accurate evidential account of events regardless of the passage of time.

The offenders however particularly if they were prolific offenders like Jimmy Saville are unlikely to be able to distinguish between victims, dates and locations. The very nature of their depravity is such that they have no empathy with their victims and once they have completed their maliciousness, they give no further thought to their victims. These paedophiles really are evil people who damage and, in some case, destroy innocent people’s lives for their own sick satisfaction.

Many accused criminals plead ‘Not guilty’ knowing full well they are as guilty as sin but hoping to get off on some technicality or another.  The prolific paedophile who pleads ‘Not guilty’ because they can’t remember a particular victim, or location, or can’t distinguish one crime from another because there were so many presents a different problem.

Forgetfulness is not the same as dementia. There would be no justice in prosecuting anybody with dementia regardless of their crimes unless of course, they were still engaging in paedophilic behaviour. A prosecution is a means of establishing guilt and sentencing the method of punishing somebody for their guilt. A person with dementia would have no knowledge of what historic crime they were alleged to have committed and why they were being punished and that would be cruel.

Forgetfulness because of prolificacy is no defence and if a defendant is unable to recall a particular incident of assault because of their prolificacy then lock them up and throw away the key.

The Paedophile Problem

During my police service, I was involved in some horrific incidents and investigations, but the one crime which used to haunt me was the abuse of children by paedophiles. I hated being on a paedophile investigation because although I wanted to catch the scum, I was aware of just how much damage they caused to vulnerable young minds and bodies. I didn’t enjoy attending blood-stained crime scenes, murder victims who had been decapitated or otherwise mutilated but as a career detective, I was able to disassociate myself from the crime. I was a detective and I was going to investigate the crime, catch and prosecute the killer. But on a paedophile investigation even after you had caught and prosecuted the offenders you are aware that the victims are still victims, and some remain so all their lives.

The damage caused to the victims of paedophilia goes way beyond the impact of other crimes and such the punishment should be above and beyond the sentences handed out to thieves, fraudsters and other criminals. In today’s compensation culture in often appears that ‘upsetting somebody’s feelings’ or ‘offending’ them receives greater compensation than a physical assault.  I argue that the abuse a child or young vulnerable person does more damage to their mental health than any physical injury. Serious physical injury such as ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’ should always incur a serious and substantial custodial sentence, and so should ‘GBH to a victim’s mental health.’ Just because there are no physical marks or scars doesn’t mean that that the victim hasn’t suffered as much pain as a physically injured person.

The absolutely fantastic achievements of the Para Olympians show us that physical disabilities are not always a bar to greatness. These athletes consistently impress us with their determination and strength of character. I don’t doubt that many if not all of our Para Olympians have encountered numerous and varied difficulties along their chosen paths, but they do what they do because they possess positivity in abundance.

An abused child doesn’t have that positivity. Paedophile’s steal childhood and all the good things that being a child should enjoy. Hope, ambition, trust, love are all damaged and for some, the damage is too deep to repair.

Personally, I would lock up Paedophile’s for life, but there again I am very right wing in regard to law and order. I honestly don’t have any answers but until the Government truly recognise the seriousness of this problem and are prepared to take the necessary action, if needs be draconian action to eradicate this problem children will continue to suffer.

Every single paedophile I ever investigated had a criminal history of previous abuse against children. Every single one. That means that having abused a child and having been sentenced they continued to abuse children once released. Not just once, twice or three times. Paedophiles offend and re-offend time and time again and it isn’t until they are convicted of a Childs murder that they are finally locked up for a long time.

You can’t stop them; the abuse of children is what they want to do. It’s like a hunger to them. Their sexual drive isn’t the same as the rest of us. They don’t want a loving, caring relationship with a consenting adult. They want power and domination over a vulnerable child who they can intimidate and abuse. This isn’t natural and yet we allow them almost free reign.

Can you imagine telling a young man or woman, heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual that they can no longer participate in sex with any consenting adult? Do you think that person would abide by this ruling or do you think they would carry on having consensual sex but keep it secret? People enjoy sex; it’s the birds and the bees for goodness sake. We wouldn’t expect any person to retain from consensual sex so why do we think that paedophiles will refrain from abusing children? Their sex drive is no less than any other persons; the only problem is their sex drive is perverted. Paedophiles will not and do not stop attempting to abuse children; they just become very devious in hiding what they do.

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