My Phonetic Life A to Z

Alpha – I actually don’t care if I’m an Alpha Male or not. (I care, I cry, and I regularly get things wrong – Am I an Alpha male?)

Bravo – To all the Emergency Services and everyone serving. Bravo to all my former colleagues and all the doctors and nurses who patched us back together. Bravo to one particular Occupational Health nurse who helped me get through a dark place. Bravo to all the ambulance paramedics who turn out and turn up every time. Bravo to the all Fire Brigade officer for all their work, not just putting out fires, but for numerous acts of rescuing people. Bravo to all those who do or seek to do the right thing. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo to all of you. Bravo to my wife for putting up with me.

Charlie – I have felt a right Charlie on many occasions and happily recall many embarrassing situations in my first book “Low Fat Police: Tales of a Dyslexic Detective”

Delta – Force. I know I’m showing my age but ‘The Delta Force’ with Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin taking down terrorists who had hijacked a Boeing 707 was a great film.

Echo – A distant sound of former days when the Police had enough officers to do the job.

Foxtrot – The one Ballroom dance that consistently drives me mad at my ineptitude to follow the beat.

Golf – Only the crazy version for me.

Hotel – Prefer a Cruise Ship Cabin.

India – A Place most definitely on my bucket list to visit – it looks so vibrant and colourful.

Juliet – I believe that ‘Juliet Bravo’ was the first UK police series to show a woman in a senior police role. I watch most Cop TV programs even though I consistently moan at incorrect procedures.

Kilo – The constant problem of drugs is summed up in this one word.

Lima – The capital of Peru. (Towards the bottom of my Bucket list of places to visit.)

Mike – AKA Micky, my best mate.

November – Winter starts to take hold. Back in the 1980 as a uniform copper, every duty felt almost like a night duty with the early dark nights – don’t mind the cold, but dark wasn’t fun.

Oscar – I could hand out a dozen or more Oscars to solicitors and barristers for their performance in presenting an image of a defendant which bore no resemblance to the truth.

Papa – I’m a Papa, and incredibly proud and happy to be a grand Papa. Nothing more important than family.

Quebec – Been to Canada three times so far. Once with the British Army, once on a Police enquiry and once with my family. Haven’t seen Quebec yet, but plan to visit the year after next in the Fall. Supposed to be beautiful that time of year.

Romeo – I’m no Romeo, but I love my wife with all my heart.

Sierra – The car I was driving when I had a horrific accident and Wiltshire Traffic Cops became heroes in my book. I still called traffic officers ‘Black Rats’ during my service, but I always dealt with them differently – Trust me they play a vital part within the police family.

Tango – Back to Ballroom Dancing – almost got this one.

Uniform – I wore Khaki before Blue and took pride in both. (Although spent most of my service in a suit, but often donned a white forensic suit).

Victor – My favourite comic as a kid. The front and back cover would be a short story of heroism. Wish I’d kept them.

Whiskey – In a Hot Coffee on the Brecon Beacons in a two-man tent – happy memories.

X-ray – I’ve had so many I glow in the dark. (Injuries on and off duty).

Yankee – Yankee One – the fast area car on ‘Y’ District – ‘Fear and Fun’.

Zulu – One of the Greatest Films of all times, with the best question and answer ever. As the small detachment of British soldiers attempt to defend Rourke’s Drift during the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879 a trooper turns to Colour Sergeant Bourne and asks, “Why us Sarge?”

To which the Sergeant, played by played by Nigel Green in the film ‘Zulu’ replies, “Because we’re ere lad. Nobody else. Just us!” I know that feeling only too well.






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