Ten Years Difference in Policing

I retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2008 and its quite clear that there have been many significant changes since my departure, some good, some bad and some bloody unbelievable.

The Good

  1. LGBT Officers no longer need to hide their sexuality.
  2. Ethnic Diversity within the police looks really healthy.
  3. Sexual Discrimination probably still exists in small pockets, but things really appear to have changed considerably for the better.
  4. Despite all the cuts rank and file officers are still giving their all.

The Bad

  1. This ridiculous notation that to be a police officer you have to have a degree.
  2. Cuts, cuts and even more cuts.
  3. Forced cuts forced a lot of experienced officers out.
  4. Reduced number of Police Canteens.
  5. Stop and Search being curtailed by those who don’t understand policing.

The Bloody unbelievable

  1. The reduction in police numbers.
  2. A Government constantly failing to listen.

One other unbelievable change in policing.

  • The number of guys wearing beards. (That’s a personal observation.)

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