Should Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey Resign?

Instinctively I feel that Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey failed in his duty as a police officer and should resign, but does the evidence support my feelings. DAC Mackey seeks to defend his failure to take any action on his lack of equipment, and therein lies the reason he should resign. PC Keith Palmer did not have the appropriate equipment i.e. a firearm to stop Khalid Masood and the close protection officers within the grounds of parliament were too far away to be of immediate assistance. DAC Mackey can’t blame his lack of equipment when he as a senior decision maker within the Met failed to ensure that PC Keith Palmer was adequately protected, or that sufficient close protection officers were posted to the grounds of parliament.

I also ask why he wasn’t at the very least carrying one of the small telescopic truncheons as favoured by CID officers. When a uniform officer places on their uniform they don’t know what incidents of events will unfold during the day and training and equipment is supposed to enable them to deal with whatever comes their way. Are Senior officers now excluding themselves as ‘upholders of the law’ because if they are perhaps they should start wearing suits to work?

Policing has always been and will always be a dangerous profession, not every day, but we all know colleagues who have been hurt or murdered in the line of duty.

I can perhaps forgive DAC Mackey for failing to get involved. I’m sure I would have been scared in similar circumstances, but I honestly believe that I would have got stuck in, indeed I believe that practically every copper I ever worked with would have. To be honest, most of us have done things that we really should have thought twice about, but that trait which made us join in the first place kicks in and we run to trouble not away from it.

What I can’t forgive is his failure to ensure that PC Keith Palmer had protection and that is why he should go, and all the other senior decision makers within the Met should have a long hard look in the mirror and ensure that every officer has the right equipment and training whatever their posting or duty.

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