Imprisonment for Spitting

Spitting at a person is a disgusting act and potentially deadly.  A glob of stringy mucus hawked up from the back of the offender’s throat and directed at a person is a revolting assault and should be punished accordingly.

Let’s not forget that there are many infectious diseases that can be passed on by bodily fluid and the person being spat at has no idea as the state of health of the person spitting at them.

Even if the offender has no infectious diseases the person spat at will need to undergo hospital tests to be sure and the worry of waiting for results effects the victim and their families. That is mental anguish and surely warrants a charge of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm (ABH).

I would argue that waiting on test results to establish if you have some infectious disease as a result of being spat upon is ‘Psychological Harm ‘and fits the definition of ABH.

If the offender has or suspects that they had an infectious disease and spits at somebody then I believe that the offence of ‘Attempted Grievous Bodily Harm’ is appropriate.

Harsh sentencing is what is needed if this disgusting and vile practice is to be stamped out.

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