Can you prove who you are?

Most of us have several forms of identification we can produce if necessary to prove who we are. Credit cards, store loyalty cards, gym or other similar forms of identification are often carried in our wallet or purse, but do they prove who we are? Passports and driving licenses containing photographs are generally considered sufficient for even the most scrupulous of identification procedures. So, with so many readily available forms of identification do we want or need a national identification card?

When we make a purchase we often need identification to prove who we are or need to enter a PIN number which is only known to the cardholder.

Logging into Facebook, eBay, Amazon or numerous other sites require us to identify ourselves and validate our identification with a password.

I think it’s fair to state that identification is important and equally safe to state that failing to be able to identify yourself could lead to all sorts of problems. If people carry around credit cards, their driving licence or even their passport they can probably prove who they are. But what if you don’t drive and don’t have a passport can you rely solely on credit cards or club membership cards to prove you are who you say you are, and should you need to prove who you are anyway?

Is a national identification card a good idea?

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