Reported Crime is Rising

The headlines might be telling us that crime is rising, but that isn’t the whole picture. The headlines should read ‘Reported Crime is Rising and so is Unreported Crime.’

Unfortunately, there appears to be a growing perception that the police are losing the fight against crime and that reporting a crime won’t result in a successful prosecution. Many victims of crime report their burglary simply for a crime book number in order to claim on their insurance. This is so very wrong on many levels. So, what exactly is a successful prosecution?

I would suggest that arrest, charge, conviction and realistic sentencing is a good start, followed by compensation to the victim(s).

Victims should be financially compensated either immediately following conviction or as soon as practicable. Any convicted person owing recompense to any victim should have a ‘Marker’ placed against their name with the credit companies preventing them from applying for credit in any form until such time that they have paid recompense to their victim(s).

I for one want to speak to an officer personally I have been the victim of a crime. Reporting crimes over the telephone really isn’t something we should accept. What’s the point in reporting a crime to the police if they cant do anything about it?

Crimes are going unreported because people are losing faith in the Police and the Government needs to do something drastic soon before things go too far.

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