I know my Rights

It never failed to amaze me that the people who complained the loudest that they knew ‘Their Rights’ were often the very same people who thought that they were entitled to disregard the rights of others.

Demonstrators intent on causing disruption to the lives of others seem happy to excuse their own actions as justifiable and that those disrupted by their actions as being of lesser importance to themselves.

I fully support our collective right to protest and would join any march that sought to remove that right from us, but there is a world of difference between peaceful protest and violent confrontation.

Thankfully most marches are conducted by reasonable and responsible people and if ever there was an example of how a march should be conducted we need look no further than the former residents, friends and supporters of the Grenfell fire disaster. Their collective silent show of solidarity is incredibly powerful and conveys their message far stronger than any chanting or microphone led mantra.

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