Cars and Mobile Telephones

I am part of the percentage of people who believe that motorists often get a rough deal with speeding camera’s and parking fines generating revenue rather than dealing with the issue of speeding or parking.

This is however one traffic offence which I believe warrants a far stricture punishment and that is using a mobile phone whilst driving. It simply isn’t possible to press numbers on a handset and focus on the road at the same time. There are numerous sources of facts and figures proving beyond doubt that using a mobile telephone whilst driving is dangerous and lives have been lost as a consequence.

Those inconsiderate individuals who put their own need to use a telephone above the safety of other road users need a serious deterrent, and I think I have the answer.

Anybody caught using a mobile telephone whilst driving should have their telephone seized and retained by police as evidence of the offence. Following conviction, the court should be requested to issue a destruction order of the telephone. Physically taking the telephone away from these reckless idiots will probably cause considerably more inconvenience to the offender than any fine, penalty points or slapped wrist.

Repeat offenders should be allowed to keep their phones to call a cab as the police seize their car and apply to the courts for a destruction order of the car after conviction.

Somehow, I think my idea might just work.





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